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Our T28 series moving trays are designed for 28mm games. These products are made of 2mm thick MDF with one side opening, supplied with unpainted kits.

T28-1 100x80mm $3.5

Mounts: 5×4 20mm bases


T28-2 100x40mm $3.5

Mounts: 5×2 20mm bases (2 trays per pack)


T28-3 125x100mm $3.5

Mounts: 5×4 25mm bases or 5×2 25x50mm bases


T28-4 125x50mm $3.5

Mounts: 5×2 25mm bases or 5×1 25x50mm bases (2 trays per pack)


T28-5 120x80mm $3.5

Mounts: 3×2 40mm bases


T28-6 120x40mm $3.5

Mounts: 3×1 40mm bases (2 trays per pack)


Customized Trays

The price is determined by the size and quantity of the product you demand, starts from $7. In principle, we only customize the size, will not modify the original design. We can carve the pattern for you on the trays, which requires you to provide the vector picture. Meanwhile, our website will still be on the customized trays.

Please send your demands to

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