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Q: Are these MDF models hard to build?

Not at all. We have fully considered wargamers’ needs and modeling skills during the design, so all MDF products are very easy to be built, and each of them has an instruction like this:

Q: Are you going to make terrains for 25 or 28mm?

We tried making 28mm houses, but it was much harder than 15mm. We’re not going to make something that only has the shape of a house, but has very nice details, so simply doubling the size of a 15mm doesn’t solve the problem. Designing the 28mm terrains takes more time, and if we can’t do it well, we’d rather not to do it for now.


Q: Why don’t you make pre-painted terrains?

Pre-painting will increase the production process, which will lead to significant cost increases and longer production time. Moreover, pre-painting is bad for detailed design and building because we have to break the kits into smaller kits to get them painted in different colors. Many players say they don’t really like pre-painted products because they usually have to paint them again.


Q: How is your shipping?

All our packages are sign to receive, and they can be tracked. You have nothing to worry about. Usually you have to pay extra fees for these services, even if it’s a free shipping order. But in Mini Warfare, these services are already included in your $15.


Q: Then what do you mean by “If my order requires extra shipping fee”?

The package we can ship to MOST of the world is limited by 2kg. Packages that are 2kg~30kg can only be shipped to SOME regions. So if you are not in those MOST or SOME regions…or your package is overweight, we will charge extra fees according to the actual situation.

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