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About SNWC


South Nanjing Wargames Club (SNWC) is founded by Frank Wang with his friends in May 2018. We founded this club to gather local players in Nanjing together and help those people who are interested in miniature wargames to join this hobby. The main events of the club are miniature wargames. We meet as a group and play games in both public and private locations (Cafe, boardgame bar, player’s home, etc). Historical, fantasy or sci-fi themes are all welcome.

Join the Club

No matter what your level is, a raw player or a wargame veteran, or what game you are interested in, you are welcome to the club. The club is now a non-commercial one so you don’t have to register to be a member. Just check the event schedule and participate in our events. If you like to play with us and volunteered to help the club, we will enlist you in the club. The club is maintained and contributed by all its members. It doesn’t mean you have to pay to us or donate to the club but everyone here is polite, modest and kindly to help others so we hope you do the same.

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