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Mini Warfare is a studio located in China Nanjing, established by Frank Wang in 2013. Our work is centered to tabletop miniature wargame developing, including:

Rule Writing

We would like to bring rules that fast, easy and funny to the players. During the writing, we follow our own Fast & Easy principles: “Fast to prepare, to move and to resolve; easy to read, to understand and to remember”.

In the end of 2017, after a 4 years work, we published To Arms!, an historical universal ruleset for playing any battle between 3000BC~1865AD.

We have plans to publish more rules for naval battles (Age of Sail and before), World War 2 and zombie apocalypse in the future.

Laser-cut Designing & Manufacturing

We design and manufacture 15mm scale laser-cut buildings and you probably could find the BEST ancient Chinese range of the world here. We have loads of first-hand references and our designer is a professional in architecture. All buildings are designed for games, solid, durable and easy to be assembled.


Mini Warfare is also a retailer of many brands but we currently sell their figures and hobby stuffs only in China through Taobao.

Club Running

Technically South Nanjing Wargames Club is not running by Mini Warfare. The club is founded by Frank with his friends in 2018 in order to introduce miniature wargame to the public and gather players. It’s a non-commercial club for now. Any player who likes miniature wargames can participate in the club events. The running of the club is maintained and contributed by all players.




Contact Information

Frank Wang, Manager:

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