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C15 Series New Release & Pre-Order

Hi, gamers:

Our first wave of laser-cut terrains is now in pre-order!

C15 series are ancient China buildings for 15mm games. These new buildings are based on Su-style houses. Supplied with detailed kits in 2mm MDF frames. Unpainted. The roofs are removable.

They are suitable for the wars in ancient China, the Opium Wars, Far East WW2 and modern wars (I think it’s OK. We still have plenty of these here nowadays. It’s also fine if you put them in a Vietnam War game).

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Pre-order from 2018.Sep.1-9, buy a house, get a corresponding ruin For Free! For example: You buy a C15-2, you can get a C15-2-R for free! Buy C15-3, get a C15-3-R for free! If you buy C15-5, choose one you like and get it for free! (because C15-5 don’t have ruin for now…)

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MiniWarfare, our little business, just get started. We’ve been working on these MDF models for almost one year but still gotta long way to go, the materials, packaging, shipping… So, we will work hard on your orders, try to make everything perfect and it takes time. Pre-orders will take, maybe, More Than 30 Days to be shipped. You can check our progress by email in any time.

Thank you very much! 


Updated: 2018-08-31 — 09:04
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